Greenhouse #3

Throughout the first five years of the Banff Community Greenhouse and Gardening Society we have noticed a greater demand for greenhouse plots than we can match with existing space.  With the addition of a second greenhouse after the first two years, the demand increased in line with the space available.  Each year we hold the plot lottery, locals leave disappointed that they were not successful in winning a space.

In 2013 we had 36 applicants for xx available plots
In 2014 we had 61 applicants for 22 available plots

With each year, the interest in the community increases, and we have developed a program with the Banff Elementary school and Summer Fun group which provides kids with their own, specially designed plot to plant and maintain as a group.  This year we also welcomed a group from the Bow Valley College to come and assist with plot maintenance and watering.

The society itself has grown and developed along with the greenhouses,  This year we re-wrote our Orientation package and maintenance guidelines, as well as our mission statement to better align ourselves with the direction the community has been moving.  We were vocal in the town planning meetings for the redevelopment of the Recreation Grounds (the site of our original greenhouse) and were one of the few groups to sustain 80% approval for their project on the redeveloped site.  This solidifies, along with the sustained application statistics, the unwavering support from local residents in the community

The time for a new greenhouse is now, and we need some assistance in raising the money to build one.

We would be grateful for a donation of any amount.  In return we can offer the following:

Breaking Ground - $500 

You will be recognised in thank you ads in the local media

Planting the Seed $1000­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­

You will be recognised with a separate plaque on the donor wall outside the greenhouse

You will be recognised in the thank you advertising in the local media

Harvesting the Natural Goodness $5000+

Your name will be recognised with a separate plaque on the donor wall outside the greenhouse

Your name or logo will be placed on all advertising and promotional materials (posters, print media and PSA’s) in the local media.