If you'd like to garden with us in 2016...


Please download and print the application form  and drop it in the box (to the right of the desk) at the Banff Public Library along with your $5 application fee by the end of March 11, 2016.  The library hours are available here.


Typically we have way more applications than beds.  We will conduct a weighted lottery to give out the 20beds we expect to fill in the two greenhouses this year.  Everyone has a chance but long term residents and volunteers will have better odds.  Winners will have their plots for two years and will pay a $40 plot rental fee that covers seeds and soil in your 15-16 sq ft bed and pay the $5 society membership fee each year. 


If you are a returning gardener, we'll collect your membership and plot fees when we're ready to start gardening which could be as early as the last weekend in March if the weather is warm.


Why two years? 

There are a couple of reasons for this.  First off, we'd like to always have some returning gardeners who can share their experiences with those who are new to growing in a greenhouse in the mountains.  Secondly it gives people an opportunity to learn from their first year.  


Other Questions?


Please email us at banffgreenhouse@gmail.com